When individuals need legal assistance? Either when they face legal problems such as human rights violations, wrongful employment termination, defamation, unlawful administration, inheritance red tape, transactional issues, litigation etc. or when they need professional advice and support with respect to their initiatives involving legal component whether investments, charities or early stages of business set-up.

Protto legal brings together extensive set of legal and correlated services meant to cover every and each aspect of your needs. By choosing us individuals may expect committed representation and protection of their interests through and through.


Our values in struggling for justice and dedication to human rights drive us provide pro bono appointments for people who are not in a position to afford legal services.

Our practitioners are passionate about using their deep knowledge and vast experience to help you in your times of need and resolve any issues impeding your path of success.

So, what can we do for you?

We are giving professional legal feedback and opinion as to how the statutes and case law apply in a specific case. First, we try to figure out your issue in the legal context, we dig the issue much into details to have a clear-cut overview, then we step into elaborating legal opinion with insightful analyses and justified recommendations. Such opinions are expressed either in written or verbally communicated to the client. Due to our legal advice and consulting, people are directed wisely, lawfully and expediently.

Our lawyers have the expertise to draft any type of contact, agreement and other legal document needed for your transaction. Whether it is service, lease, loan, credit, donation, sale and purchase contract we will best negotiate with the counterparty and customize legal document according to case specifics. We seek to enhance our client’s position in each relationship entered by him/her. By guaranteeing your rights upfront you feel protected and avoid any hurdles to be arisen further.

Litigation can be extremely confusing and complicated. A seasoned attorney is needed to help navigate this process for you. Presentation of your case in courts will be carried out by our experienced professionals. Our team of experts will ensure that you have the best legal representation in court guaranteeing maximum protection and promotion of your interests.

We provide legal representation in all instances of local and international courts for civil, administrative, bankruptcy or other proceedings. This includes arbitration and representation in the dispute settlement phases as well.

We may challenge and in whole or in part quash transactions whereby your rights have been violated or an unlawful obligation have been assigned to you.

People dealing with administrative authorities may face unfair and unjust treatment. As such, government agencies do not issue requested petition; individuals are fined or illegal administration in manifested. We can protect your rights in those and similar legal processes to achieve the best results in relation to state bodies.

As a beginner in business, people always need a corporate lawyer to guide them in business set-up arrangements. We consult our clients from legal, business, financial and tax perspective: from the procedure of company establishment to corporate structuring and tax optimization. We initiate and accomplish all legal components of business.



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