M&A Advising

Protto advises corporate clients and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. From strategy development to selecting the right partner. From conducting thorough due diligence to closing the deal. Throughout the integration process, we align our services to address your transactional and integration needs, all with the goal of building value for our clients.

Mergers and acquisitions can be a significant avenue to success but it involves more than just closing a deal. Successful companies develop strategic plans for M&A from target identification, to acquiring, integrating and growing a business, to planning for downturns and developing potential exit strategies. Our end-to-end M&A advisory services are customized to your needs, with an industry and sector emphasis.


  • Development of an M&A strategy
  • Valuation of Buyer and target company
  • Conducting approaches and negotiations with targets and third parties
  • Document preparation & deal closing
  • Conducting financial/tax and legal due diligence
  • Company restructuring