IT & Data Protection

Our IT and Data Protection legal practitioners have in-depth expertise advising and providing full-coverage support to IT companies or deal on a daily basis with regulators, notably the Data Protection authorities in Armenia. We provide legal advice to a wide range of companies, from start-ups to leading international IT companies listed in Nasdaq. We provide legal and business advisory related services to more than twenty local companies and help foreign companies relocate to Armenia in the most efficient way.

The use of technology is also part of Protto´s culture. We are soon to be the first law firm in Armenia to offer legal services fully digitally.


  • Assistance in collection of all necessary documents for obtaining any permits
  • Planning and execution of relocation to Armenia
  • Facilitation of the movement of human resources to Armenia
  • Receipt of IT tax exemption certificate in Armenia
  • Drafting software license agreements, non-disclosure agreements
  • Drafting privacy policies (including GDPR compliant), cookie policies, terms of use, user-end agreements, etc
  • Preparation of data protection notices, complaints; conducting DP investigations