About Us

Protto offers its clients top-notch legal and business advisory services while maintaining an affordable pricing policy for any type and size of business. The services we offer are comprehensive for businesses, and they include (but are not limited to): - risk assessment and legal assistance to companies who want to make investments or have already started their activities in Armenia. - Tax planning, corporate structural consulting, establishment of organizations in Armenia. We have the courage to reach beyond our comfort zone to immerse ourselves in the clients’ cases and provide utterly practical and conventional solutions. Moreover, Our Digital Services will enable people to take the first steps and every step after making their ideas/businesses official as seamless as possible. WE ARE INNOVATORS AT LAW and our mission is to revolutionize the way legal aligns with the business.

We are trusted partners, allies searching for the most appropriate legal and business solutions to each client’s needs. We create lasting relationships based on a culture of commitment and collaboration, the development of highly competent teams and the permanent updating of our legal and business knowledge. We want our customers to recognize us for their ability to challenge conventional thinking in search of truly innovative answers to unique problems. Our purpose is to provide legal intelligence that leverages opportunities and helps preserve and create value for your business. We are innovators at law and we want to revolutionize the way legal aligns with business.



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